Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

The asphalt drum mix plant is one type of all model. The drum asphalt plant is different from other types of asphalt plant. The drum series are continuous asphalt mixing plants. The bitumen mixture can be output continuously. The drum asphalt mixing plant is not equipped with mixing tower. The mixture is mixed and heated in the dryer drum. So it is lower cost then batch asphalt plant.

The drum series asphalt mix plant also can be mobile. Just need to be equipped with mobile frame.

The capacity is from 20tph to 100tph. The model is DHB20-DHB100.

DRUM mix asphalt plant-dhb20
  • Model: DHB20

  • Productivity: 20t/h

  • Fuel consumption: Coal:10kg/t; Oil:5.5-7kg/t

  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil/Coal

  • Total power:40kw

  • Model: DHB40

  • Productivity: 40t/h

  • Fuel consumption: Coal:10kg/t; Oil:5.5-7kg/t

  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil/Coal

  • Total power:75kw

  • Model: DHB60

  • Productivity: 60t/h

  • Fuel consumption: Coal:10kg/t; Oil:5.5-7kg/t

  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil/Coal

  • Total power:125kw

  • Model: DHB80

  • Productivity: 80t/h

  • Fuel consumption: Coal:10kg/t; Oil:5.5-7kg/t

  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil/Coal

  • Total power:160kw

  • Model: DHB100

  • Productivity: 100t/h

  • Fuel consumption: Coal:10kg/t; Oil:5.5-7kg/t

  • Fuel type: Heavy/Light oil/Coal

  • Total power:200kw

 Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

Parts Of Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

1. Cold aggregate container

  • Siemens motor with hardened gear reducer, friction-driven transmission, drum rotation smooth.
  • The aggregate feeding hoppers and aggregate collecting belt are mounted on one mobile chassis
  • The belt feeder that adopts the frequency speed regulator has long speed range, so it runs smoothly and efficiently.
  • Each discharging gate of the hopper has an alarm for the warning of no aggregate in the bins.
  • There is a vibrator on the wall of the bin to avoid blockage.
  • On the top of each hopper, there is a screen to prevent the entry of bigger aggregate, ensuring the reliability of the system.
cold aggregate

2. Dust Collecting System

The dust collecting system has two collecting levels, cyclone dust remover and water dust collector. The primary dust collector is cyclone dust filter. The secondary level is water dust filter.

dust collector

3. Dryer Drum And Mixing System

  • The dryer is made of heat-resisting and high-abrasive steel plates.
  • The good heat exchanging burner flame area & blanking area have lifting guidance plate.
  • Dryer body is covered with heat-proof layer outside with stainless steel plate;
  • The foundation is made of heavy steel. Dryer body is driven by 4 groups of separate friction wheels and each group is equipped with separate speed reducer and motor.
dryer drum and mixing

4. Bitumen Tank

  • The bitumen tank has been debugged and pressure test, so it is easy to install on site.
  • Asphalt system layout is neat and simple, Asphalt tanks and pipes have insulation to reduce heat loss.
  • Asphalt tank has liquid level and temperature display device.
  • The thermal oil furnace has a complete automatic control system for independent operation and control.
butimen tank

5.Elevator System And Finished Products Bin

Finished product elevator has driving device, chains, chain wheels and a hopper. Its main function is to raise the finished product up to the storage silo.

Finished product silo is used to temporarily store the asphalt mixture before truck loading. It mainly includes stand columns, storehouse, ladders, etc.

elevater and finished bin


Capacity20 t/h40 t/h60 t/h80 t/h100 t/h
Installation Power40kW75 kW125 kW160 kw200 kW
Fuel ConsumptionDiesel consumption: 5.5-7 kg/ton;Coal:10kg/t
Weighing PrecisionHot aggregate: ±0.5%; bitumen: ±0.3%; filler: ±0.2%
Hot Asphalt Temperature130℃-165℃ (adjustable)
Air Emissions≤ 20 mg/Nm³
Working Noise≤ 70 db(A)
OperationFull Auto/Manual Operation
Voltage220V/380V-50Hz (According to customer's local requirements)
DocumentsLay-Out/ Electric Circuit Diagram; Chinese-English Operation Manual; Qualification Certificate.

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