Asphalt Batching Plant Manufacturers

Asphalt batching plant manufacturers in China, most of which started to invest and build factories in 1997.

At the same time, many manufacturers are starting to develop and produce asphalt mixing plants at this time.

LONTTO GROUP was also one of the first asphalt batching plant manufacturers to start producing asphalt plants.

The initial production equipment was a stationary batch type of asphalt mixing plant, the models are LB1000 and LB2000.

As technology continues to advance, asphalt batch plant manufacturers continue to develop new products.

Up to now, the asphalt batch plant can reach LB5000 with a maximum output of 400t/h.

At the same time, many manufacturers began to apply better technology, and in order to ensure the quality of the asphalt plant, all key spare parts, choose to import famous brands.

However, among all the asphalt mixing plant suppliers in China, the large-scale, strong technical manufacturers up to 30%, medium-sized manufacturers uo to 38%, and small manufacturers up to 32%.

Asphalt batching plant manufacturers are mainly distributed in Nanyang, Henan, Wuxi, Jiangsu, and Quanzhou, Fujian.

LONTTO asphalt plant factory is a technically strong asphalt mixing plant manufacturer in Nanyang.

Why Should You Know The Asphalt Batching Plant Manufacturers?

Choose Asphalt Batching Plant Manufacturer With Large Production Scale And Strong Technology

The scale of production and technical strength determine the quality of the asphalt plant, delivery time, product stability, and working life.

The asphalt batching plant manufacturers have the larger scale and stronger technical strength, to ensure the excellence of the asphalt plant.

Stronger strength also guarantees the asphalt batch plant after-sales service.

The asphalt station is a large-scale asphalt mixture production line.

That needs to install in strict, and in accordance with standards from the production to the final customer site installation.

If the asphalt mixing plant manufacturer does not have the strength, they may have problems in these processes, which will eventually affect your project and harm your customers’ interests.

So before you choose an asphalt mix plant, you need to carefully choose the asphalt plant manufacturer.

You Need To Know What Types Of Asphalt Plant Are Produced By Asphalt Plant Manufacturers

Asphalt plants are divided into 4 series, such as stationary asphalt mixing plant, generally large asphalt plants, the minimum output is 40 tons / h, the maximum output can reach 400 / h.

The intermittent mobile asphalt plant is developed on the stationary type, which for the convenience of customer transportation and installation. The largest output is only 160 tons / h.

There is also a drum type asphalt plant. This type is generally mobile and continuous type, which is more cost effective. The capacity from 20t/h to 100t/h. and it is very suitable for small investments.

The last model is asphalt recycling equipment.

First of all, you need to know what types of asphalt batching plant are produced by each manufacturer, and whether there are types suit your needs.

The categories of equipment from different manufacturers will vary.

For example, you need a mobile asphalt station, but some manufacturers do not produce this model.

They only produce stationary asphalt plants, and you usually don’t get them when you buy mobile asphalt stations from this manufacturer.

You Need To Learn The Configuration Of The Asphalt Batching Plant

As you know, the asphalt plant is a fully automatic production line.

The main components are cold aggregate feed system, burners, dryer drum, dust removal system, vibrating screen, mixing system, weighing system, control system and so on.

For details, please refer to LONTTO asphalt mixing plant.

These components are an integral part of the asphalt station, and the quality of these components also affects the quality of the asphalt plant.

At the same time relates to the quality of the final bitumen mixture.

LONTTO produces according to strict requirements, and the core components are imported from international famous brands.

For example, the main motor adopts the Siemens brand, the fuel burner adopts the RBICO brand.

And the dust removal system adopts the USA NOMEX brand, and the weighing system sensor adopts the METTLER-TOLEDO brand.

The control system uses the Japanese OMRON brand.

These core components are imported famous brand, which can greatly improve the stability of the asphalt mixing plant.

To improve production efficiency and extend the production life of the equipment.

How Do You Choose A Suitable Asphalt Batching Plant Manufacturers?

Clarify Your Needs

According to the above, first of all, you should know the type of asphalt plant you need.

Whether it is mobile or fixed, continuous or intermittent, what is the output?

This information is important to confirm your needs in order to continue the next step.

If you need a large-volume batch asphalt station.

For example, the capacity of bitumen over 200T/H, you need to choose the stationary type of LB series.

If you need the more convenient batching plant, the YLB series is right for you.

If you need continuous, more affordable, and mobile type, you can choose DHB series.

You Should Learn The Strength Of Asphalt Plant Supplier

Check The Website Of Asphalt Batching Plant Manufacturers

The most suitable method, check the company’s website firstly, to see the manufacturer’s asphalt plant type, the equipment parameters, technical characteristics, and other information.

From the website’s content page to see the main introduction and historical development of the factory.

Choose the good and powerful asphalt plant supplier.

First of all, the company’s official website must be detailed, the website is of the high standard. So you can select the appropriate manufacturer through this step.

Go To The Asphalt Batching Plant Factory For Field Visit

Then it is better to go to the field to inspect the manufacturer.

You can actually see the factory’s production strength, the factory scale, as well as production technology, technical strength, etc.

All the issues you care about, you can get the answer in the actual inspection of asphalt mixing plant manufacturers.

Moreover, the asphalt mixing plant is a large-scale equipment, If you visited the factory, it is easily to build a better trust between each other.

Pre-Sales And After-Sales Service From Asphalt Batching Plant Manufacturers

Usually, before you buy the asphalt plant, when you contact the manufacturer, the sales staff of the manufacturer will actively communicate with you.

And answer your questions in time.

Under normal circumstances, it is telephone and email communication.

Whether to respond to your email in time, and whether to answer your call in time, which means that the pre-sale service is good or bad, and this is also the premise of your choice of this manufacturer.

After-sales service: After-sales service includes equipment production and delivery, equipment installation and commissioning, operator training, and equipment warranty period.

Usually, after-sales service is reflected in the purchase of equipment. But you should also learn about these services from asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers before purchasing equipment.

In Conclusion For Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacture

Above the information about the asphalt batching plant manufacturer is all you need to know.

If you choose the asphalt plant from Lontto Group, you don’t need to worry about the various problems mentioned above.

We are the supplier of asphalt mix plant with 20 years of production experience, with perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, strong technical and production strength, to ensure the high performance and stability of the asphalt station.

Exported to more than 30 countries in the world, we have received widely praised by customers in various countries.

Our principle Is Quality First, Customer First, Cooperation And Win-Win.

If you have any questions about the asphalt station, you can contact us at any time. We offer you the perfect solution for the asphalt plant project, so that you no longer have any troubles for choosing the asphalt mixing plant.