Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

LONTTO Company is one top of professional asphalt batching plant manufacturer for asphalt batch mix plant. Furthermore, we specialized in asphalt batch mix plant for more than 20 years.

Meanwhile, we have many types of asphalt baching plant for sale, by the way, the model is LB500-LB5000 asphalt mixing plant, consequently the capacity from 40t/h to 400t/h.

For one thing, asphalt batch mix plant is specialized for the asphalt or bitumen production. Therefore the asphalt batching plant is widely used in road construction. Furthermore, the bitumen mixture is produced by stone fine powder, stone aggregate, gravel and bitumen according to the correct ratio to mix.

Additionally, the asphalt batch mix plant is also environmental protection equipment, which is equipped with first level inertial dust removal, plus secondary bag filter system, and design by negative pressure dustproof with floor type. So the bach plant will not pollute the environment.  So that to meet the environmental requirements.

asphalt batch mix plant L7500
  • Model: LB-700

  • Rated capacity: 65t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 800kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

asphalt plant for sale LB1000
  • Model: LB-1000

  • Rated capacity: 80t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 1000kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

aspahlt plan for sale LB1200
  • Model: LB-1200

  • Rated capacity: 100t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 1000kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

aspahlt for sale LB1500
  • Model: LB-1500

  • Rated capacity: 120t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 1500kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

aspahlt for sale LB2000
  • Model: LB-2000

  • Rated capacity: 160t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 2000kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

aspahlt for sale LB2500
  • Model: LB-2500

  • Rated capacity: 200t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 2500kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

aspahlt for sale LB3000
  • Model: LB-3000

  • Rated capacity: 240t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 3000kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

aspahlt for sale LB4000
  • Model: LB-4000

  • Rated capacity: 300t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 4000kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

aspahlt for sale LB5000
  • Model: LB-5000

  • Rated capacity: 400t/h

  • Cold Aggregate Bin: 4

  • Mixing volume: 5000kg

  • Fuel Type: Heavy/Light oil

Features And Advantages Of  Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

  1. Firstly, the asphalt batch mix plants adopt the overall modular design, the centralized configuration, and the reasonable layout, therefore, to make sure the convenient transportation and easy installation.
  2. Secondly, Adopting the linear vibrating screen driven by the imported motor, which can sieve 5 kinds of aggregate precise, so that, it will improve the screening efficiency and also reduce the failure rate.
  3. Because of the aggregate elevator adopts the plate chain lifting so that it can improve the life of the elevator and the stability of operation.
  4. And the asphalt batch mix plant has optimized drying drum lifting plate structure, as a result, to make the drying system more efficient and stable.
  5. Heat transfer oil type of bitumen tank, hence asphalt heats up quickly, saving energy.
  6. And the asphalt batching plant adopts advanced PC&PLC control system, therefore ensure accurate aggregate ratio, and also equipped with fault self-diagnosis feedback program, making the operation simple and safe.
  7. The bottom type finished bin design, then to reduce the installation space of the asphalt batch mix plant, meanwhile, cancels the lifting system for finished goods, so that to reduce the failure of equipment.
  8. Equally important, the core components of asphalt batch mix plant is adopted international famous brand, such as Siemens motors and electronic components, Italy EBICO burner, Swiss METTLER TOLEDO weighing sensors and so on. so as to increase the working life of asphalt plant.

Parts of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

1. Cold aggregate feed system

Cold aggregate feed system

LONTTO asphalt batch mix plant adopts separated structure design for the cold aggregate, so as to every hopper is independent, meanwhile, the materials are fed by belt conveyor. The feed amount is adjusted by the opening size of the hopper and the speed of the belt conveyor. And that the speed of the belt is controlled by a variable frequency stepless speed changing motor. The adjustment accuracy is 1/1000.

2. Dryer Drum

Dryer drum

The reducer of dryer drum is adopted SIEMENS Brand, four-rollers friction drive, make sure the drum rotates smoothly. And also the dryer drum of asphalt batch mix plant has been optimized, to ensure the heating even, has high heating efficiency and saving the energy. 50mm insulation and stainless steel surface, make sure the heat no loss.

3. Burner

coal burner

For the LONTTO asphalt batch mix plant, there are two ways for heating the dryer drum. One is the coal burner, and the other is the oil burner.

  • The coal burner is rotated stove, five-wind type tunnel burning system, to prevent the coal cinder stick on the stove. The new design can protect the stove brick no broken quickly, to increase the brick life. And the flame can be adjusted, you can choose the length of flame, to adjust the suitable appearance and shape of the flame.  To choose the coal burner can save the cost than the oil burner.
  • If you choose the oil burner, Lontto imported the famous brand from Italy, Such as EBICO burner. To make sure the burning system smoothe and steady.

So you can choose the burning system for the asphalt batch mix plant according to your local condition.

4. Dust collector

bag dust

The dust collecting system of asphalt batch mix plant is used gravity settling room with the bag filter. And equipped with the gas flue from the dryer drum to bag filter, also has the temperature control system to make sure the bag is safe.

As a matter of fact, the bag adopts USA NOMEX brand, which is made of high-temperature resistant material. So the large particle size powder can be recycled and transported to the aggregate hoist.

After the bag dust collector, so that the dust can be ≤100mg/nm³.

5.  The main mixing building

1)Elevate System Of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

elevate system
  • Firstly, the elevated system is used by the plate chain bucket elevating, so the material is discharged by the mixing type, no materials returning.
  • Secondly, the transmission system adopts the stable and reliable anti-reverse device.
  • Thirdly, wear and discharge noise reduction device for inlet and outlet and hopper. So the asphalt batch mix plant has not much noise.
  • And also the drive motor adopts international famous brand(SIEMENS) and importing bearing.

1)Vibrating screening system

Vibrating screening system
  • The screen of asphalt batch mix plant is designed by the high-strength manganese steel and reinforced edging, to increase service life.
  • The screen is designed by the layered separated device, so that,  it is easy to maintain and replace.
  • Double motor drive,  therefore, the excitation force is automatically coupled.
  • Vibrating screen bearings adopt imported bearings, as a result the screen has high-temperature resistance and long service life.

2)Weighing system

weighting system

The weighting system of asphalt batching plant is made up of hot aggregate weighing device, powder weighing device and asphalt weighing device. Lontto Uses electronic sensors, and the brand is METTLER-TOLEDO brand. To make sure the stable performance.

And also the weighing Accuracy can be in the following:

Aggregate: ±0.3; Mineral Powder: ±0.3; Asphalt: ±0.15

4)Mixing System


Firstly, the mixing system of asphalt batching plant is designed by the Twin-shaft paddle type. Not only adopts European technology, but also large cycle stereo stirring. to ensure the mixing evenly in a short time.

Secondly, the mixing system is equipped with the safety protection unit, and also the blade and interior lining panel adopt chromium molybdenum alloy material, to add the working life.

Thirdly, the whole mixing system of asphalt batching plant is adopted by the modular design. And also the mixer has the large volume. and that the mixing cycle only need 45s.

5)Finished product storage system–Finished silo

finished silo system
finished silo system-side type

There are two types of designs for the asphalt batching plant, one is the bottom type of the mixing plant, the other is side type of the mixing plant, you can choose any type by your local condition.

  • Firstly, the bottom type of finished bin is designed by the modular design, easy to install and transport, and the ectotheca of finish bin adopts insulation design, and that the discharge outlet is adopted electric heating and insulation, to prevent the outlet blocking.
  • Secondly, the other type of finish bin is adopted by the variable-frequency and variable-speed motor, so that, the hopper of the hoisting system runs smooth and without impact. And the material mover is equipped with diesel spraying system, to prevent the bitumen mixture stick on the material mover.

The Other Components Of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

1)Pneumatic system

Pneumatic system

Firstly, the pneumatic system of asphalt batching plant is adopted by the Germany FESTO solenoid valve and cylinder, which has reliable performance and long working life.

Secondly, the pneumatic connection uses a quick-connect connector, so that, easy to operate and connect.

Thirdly, the gas source is treated by water removal, which is non-blocking, to increase the service life of the cylinder. And the reserve gas source excuses for on-site purging and cleaning, and also can connect on other pneumatic tools.

2)Electrical control system

Electrical control system-control room
Electrical control system

For one thing, the control system for the asphalt batching plant includes the control room and PLC control system.

Firstly, the control room is designed by the Containerized Design, so it is easy to transport and install. and it is separated between the operation room and the distribution room. and that not only adopts the double insulation design but also equipped with air conditioning. And also, the control room has the good sealing performance.

Secondly, the PLC control system adopts box control cabinet layout. And most of the components brand are Siemens, and the core control system adopts the Japanese Omron, Emerson inverter and Toledo sensor brand. It can realize automatic, semi-automatic or manual control, and also equipped with the printer.

Thirdly, the PLC control system adopts the independent double-screen computer, it is the latest technology man-machine interface control for the asphalt batching plant.

3)Bitumen supply system

Bitumen supply system

Firstly, the bitumen tank for the asphalt batching plant has been debugged and pressure test before delivery, so it is easy to install on site.

Secondly, the layout of the bitumen tank is neat and simple, bitumen tanks and pipes have insulation design,  to reduce heat loss.

Thirdly, asphalt tank has the liquid level and temperature display device.

Finally, the thermal oil furnace has a complete automatic control system for independent operation and control.

4)Mineral powder supply system

Mineral powder supply system

The components of the powder supply system for the asphalt batching plant: Built-in Type double powder silo: the new powder silo and recycled powder silo. 3 sets of powder conveying units, Which are made up of the screw conveyors.

  • Ultra-large powder silo for production needs.
  • Modular design, so it is easy to transport and install.
  • The powder silo is equipped with a pneumatic arching device, to ensure the powder is uniform and continuous supplying.
  • The powder recycling is centralized storage and then the powder is humidified, to solve the pollution of the recovered dust completely.
  • Diversified powder feeding, to meet different discharging materials.


Cold Aggregate Bins4444455555
Vibrating Screen(layer)4444455566
Fuel Consumption (kg/t)5.5~7 (oil)or 7-11(coal)
Hot Aggregate Bin(t)13.513.513.52232404080100100
Mineral fillers Tank Volume(t)303026+3626+3626+3630+4330+4350+3560+3560+35
Rated Outputt/h)406080100120160200240300400
Mixing Cycle(s)43434343434343434343
Finished Product Silo Volume(t)505080100100120120200200200
Installed Power(kw)133166248293311430550600770860
Product Temperature (℃)140-180
Heat Conduction Oil Stove(kcol/h)200,000200,000300,000300,000500,000500,000500,000800,0001,000,0001,000,000
Mixer Capacity (kg)50075010001200150020002500300040005000
Asphalt Tank Volume(L)30000300005000050000500002×500002×500003×500004×500004×50000
Dust Remove Effect(mg/nm3)≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20≤20
Weighing Accuracy
Aggregate : ±0.3; Mineral Powder: ±0.3; Asphalt: ±0.15
Bag-type Dust FillerBDF156BDF240BDF357BDF357BDF476BDF654BDF832BDF1012BDF1308BDF1308
Note:Lontto company reserves the right to interpret the tech data.
Control SystemPLC With Automatic
Drying Drum(dia.*length)(m)φ1.2×5.2φ1.2×6.3φ1.6×6.8φ1.8×8φ2×8φ2.2×8φ2.25×9φ2.5×10φ2.7×10φ2.8×11

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